About us

Kaheawai is excited to develop and grow a community of creators.
Our platform is currently in Beta, and we look forward to creating great things in the months to come!

As a creator —whether you’re an entrepreneur or a small business owner —you have a lot on your plate. How do you find an easy way to be both business owner and focus on creativity?

By finding a robust community platform. Using a community platform that caters to creators gives you the tools to manage, nurture, and engage your community, all in one place.

Why we do it

Creators sometimes struggle for exposure. Get out there! Kaheawai is made for you. You get the benefit of collaborating with a community of your peers and we help increase your visibility everywhere else!

  • Google Indexing

    Kaheawai works in the background. While you engage with others in the community, we expand your online presence!

  • Get Creative!

  • Learn and teach

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  • Stronger Together!

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Connect with providers, book and schedule events, shop and learn. Kaheawai is where creativity meets community & passions can grow by doing what we love to do best.

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